Product – Fruit Duo – EN

FRUIT DUO – Two styles in one, the new definition of eating freeze dried fruits & more from Thai Kanom

Fruit Duo is another product from Thai Kanom, which is a snack from authentic fruits for good health. we design the package to contain two styles of delicacy in the one box. One, Enjoy the full authentic taste of real fruits widely popular and useful including durian, mango and banana, which are selected from the orchards with quality control and meeting exporting standard. Every piece of fruit is freeze dried to remain freshness and authentic taste of fruits. Two, Enjoy the playtime, with premium-grade fruits to make snacks, we choose only popular menus such as fried durian, dehydrated mango and vacuum fried banana or banana chip. It is a delicious and useful snack without any additive, sugar and preservative, that you can fully enjoy it.

Fruit Duo, product of Thai Kanom, is the new definition of eating fruit as snack, and it’s two styles in one. It’s a good partner for your health. Containing separated bags in one box makes every piece of fruits remain fresh and delicious. It is also easy to take with long shelf life. You can have it as snack at home, at anywhere or buy it as a souvenir for your beloved ones.

Choose Fruit Duo, the happy moment of two-style delicacy that you will love it

Product – Fruit Duo – EN

DURIAN DUO – Durian freeze dried and Durian Chips

‘Durian Duo’ is a perfect combination of 2 delicious kinds of Monthong Durian. Durian freeze dried contains the authentic flavor. Meanwhile, durian chips provide god crispiness so that durian lovers can simultaneously enjoy both of them.

Product – Fruit Duo – EN

MANGO DUO – Mango freeze dried and Dehydrated mango

‘Mango Duo’ is a perfect combination of 2 delicious kinds of mango. Mango freeze dried contains original taste of the real mangos with crispiness. Meanwhile, the dehydrated mango is soft and chewy, making both of them more enjoyable.

Product – Fruit Duo – EN

BANANA DUO – Banana freeze dried and Banana Chips

‘Banana Duo’ is a perfect combination of 2 delicious kinds of banana. Banana freeze dried contains the original taste of the real banana. Meanwhile, banana chips provide crispy textures with a proper amount of sweetness.