Product – Fruit Tablet – EN

Different taste of fruit tablet, a snack for health lovers

We want to produce durian tablet made from King of Fruit by harvesting durian during its peak time of the year which it has the best taste and employing expertise from specialists to select only Grade-A Monthong Durian and process it with freeze dry technology before pounded into powders without any artificial favors. Thai Kanom ‘Durian Tablet’ is full of authentic taste and favor of Monthong Durian from the orchards with production control and exporting standard. It is easy to carry and consume, and it is snack suitable for those who loves durian and it is available all year long.

Melon grows well in sunlight but it does not like rain. So, growing melon in a greenhouse with sunlight opening in Thailand enables us to have great products comparable to melon from Japan. Thai Kanom ‘Melon Tablet’ is made from green scrumptious melons. Apart from aroma and sweetness of authentic melon without artificial favor, melon is enriched with vitamins and minerals with antioxidants and it is good for health. We harvest melons from the orchard meeting exporting standard during the time when they have best taste for processing for you to have full-flavored melon tablet to consume all year long.

Product – Fruit Tablet – EN
Product – Fruit Tablet – EN

Taro is another fruit that has been consumed in Thailand for a long time and it can be cooked as food or dessert. Taro has special aroma especially when it is made as dessert, so, we put this taro in form of tablet that consumers will enjoy the taste and have good health as taro is enriched with vitamins and mineral, iron and fluoride that it can prevent tooth decay and strengthen bones. Furthermore, taro gives high energy and is easily digested which is perfect for children, elderly people and those who having problems about digestive system.

This is the ancient Thai wisdom with beliefs that consuming coconuts is the tip of having good health and longevity. Coconut is food with low energy but high fiber which can enhance mineral absorption. So, coconut has been consumed as food and dessert since and now coconut becomes a world-famous exported fruit of Thailand. Thai Kanom ‘Coconut Tablet’ brings unique sweetness of Thailand’s famous authentic coconut taste. It is easy to consume and our product is made from quality raw materials meeting the exporting standard, through production process with good care about health of consumers.

Thai Kanom ‘Matcha Flavored Tablet’ is made from excellent matcha powder from selected tea leaves from the tea farms in the northern Thailand, through production process and quality control in every step. Fresh tea leaves or Tencha are dried wit steam without heat and massage to maintain emerald green color of the tea leaves and freshness like they are just picked. When pounded, our tea leaves will become delicate matcha powder with Theanine, natural amino acid that can make you relax and higher concentrated than other types of green teas. It is suitable for those who are fond of authentic aromatic taste of Matcha and unique bitterness without sugar. It is easy to carry like you have a good friend caring about your health with you at any time and any place.